I had received treatment at Dr. DiMasi's Office...
Now, I regret that decision...

Back in May of 2018, my wife and I visited Dr. DiMasi’s office. It must have been our lucky day, because this was the only time we didn’t have to wait over an hour. Most likely, because we didn’t have to do a blood draw. We brought our blood results with us from our other doc. We both received the hormone pellet treatments. After that, it was all downhill! I went back in July of 2018, to get a blood draw and waited nearly an hour for a 2 minute blood draw. EACH and EVERY subsequent visit (5 in total), I was made to wait over an hour and ended up leaving without seeing anyone. Each time I left, I told the front desk staff to have Dr. DiMasi call me, because this was a complete waste of my time. This last time, I was so fed up, I wrote a review on Google, and left a one-star rating. Well, that’s what it took to get a call back from the doc.

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Why Dr. DiMasi's Office Sucks!

He began by apologizing, saying this was his fault. He stated that they just found out that morning that their certified phlebotomist was sick with covid, and that he was picking up her workload and doing the blood draws. And that is why they were backed up. Well, I called him out on this lie! I informed him that my original appointment was scheduled for two days earlier, a Monday, and that his staff called 20 minutes prior to reschedule the appointment because they found out over the weekend the phlebotomist tested positive with covid (not sure I even believe that now); so they needed to reschedule me for Wednesday when Dr. DiMasi would be able to do the blood draw. I understood, bummed that I had fasted for nothing, and rescheduled.

IT gets worse!

Dr. DiMasi's OfficeScam

When Wednesday arrived, I called prior to make sure everything was on schedule. The front desk gal informed me that Dr. DiMasi would be running a few minutes late and that he wasn’t even in the office yet! When I arrived 45 minutes later, he still wasn’t in! I waited 30 minutes then went to the front to ask them to please call him and find out when he would be there. Like all the previous times, I had scheduled appointments with my customers for the times following the appointments, which I had to reschedule. They told me – get this – that they had no way to reach him! Then they pointed to a basket with blood draw supplies and said he should be here shortly and that basket was for my blood draw. So, I went back to my seat and waited another 45 minutes before I got so fed up, I left again. This time, I simply said to the staff, “I’m DONE”! 

Dr. DiMasi's OfficeLiars

After explaining this all to Dr. DiMasi, and calling him out on his lie to me about them just finding out that morning, he then began to attack me. He stated that I had no-showed and/or cancelled 4 previous appointments since 2018. I explained to him that was completely false. If his staff coded their system as me walking out each time as a no-show or cancellation, then that’s on his staff. Then he said, I shouldn’t even be getting a blood draw until I had an office visit with him since he hadn’t seen me since 2018. Once again, I told him to take that up with his staff. I called in for a treatment and they told me I needed a blood draw, but not a doctor’s visit (which I would have completely understood and done). Then he tried a different tactic and appealed to me being a business owner too. He said he didn’t even get a chance to rectify this and I already “left a shitty one-star review” on Google. He was pissed, and was attacking. I thanked him for his call, and hung up. But, before hanging up, I did inform him that the pellet insertion appointment scheduled for 7 days from the originally scheduled blood draw could be cancelled. I wasn’t going to be there (obviously) and they couldn’t do it anyway without the blood draw.

Dr. DiMasi's OfficeFraud

Well, Sunday, the day before that appointment, I get a call confirming it! I guess he or his staff doesn’t know how to cancel an appointment either. They will probably code it as “another” no-show by me! Well, then I got a notice from Google that they had responded to my review posting, so I went to look at their response. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! He posted the same crap lies he tried to feed me on the phone! Well, unfortunately for Dr. DiMasi, I am in the technology field and plan to use that to share my experiences with a wide audience. Had he not responded to my review with lies, I would have never invested the extra time for this. BIG mistake doc!

Dr. DiMasi's response to my Google Review is proof they aren't going to fix their issues!

In my opinion, Dr. DiMasi's office / Premier Care Clinics do not care enough to fix their broken systems. Patients have continued to complain online and in person. Well, I care and don't want others to get treated so shabbily by Dr. DiMasi's Office, like I have. This why this site is up and will stay up. If you have a similar experience with Dr. DiMasi's Office and want to share it here, feel free to contact me at issues@DrDiMasiSUCKS.com

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